Coastlands Vineyard

Grape Stats

Pinot Noir

777, 115, 02A, 15, 23

101-14 and 5C

Vineyard Stats

Number of acres:
5.7 acres

North to South

West, Southwest facing hillside

1000 feet

Soil type:
Yorkville clay, sandy loam



Cover crop:
Native grasses and clovers

Owner: David Cobb

Coastlands Vineyard is home to some of Williams Selyem’s most prized grapes, yielding rich, seductive, ruby hues and luscious red fruit aromas. Located in Occidental near the Bodega Coast, this vineyard is nestled in the cool coastal climate that is ideal for growing Pinot Noir, and as such Williams Selyem Winery has been using Coastlands grapes since 1994. David Cobb became interested in growing his own grapes after delving into the art of home winemaking. For a retired biologist, the plant cultivation side of winemaking came naturally to David, who tends to his vines planted on almost 6 acres.

David Cobb has owned the land and the almost 6-acre “Big Rock” vineyard since 1988, still using the same vines from the vineyard’s inception. Located on a ridge at an elevation of 1000 feet, only a few miles from the ocean, the mild climate permits ideal, as well as extended ripening conditions.

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