Calegari Vineyard

Grape Stats

Pinot Noir

777, 115, Swan and Mt. Eden


Vineyard Stats

Number of acres:



120 feet

Soil type:
Red clay, rock loam

Bi-lateral cordon


Cover crop:
Mowed clover, and fescue. Tilled vetch, peas, and barley.

2008 marked the first vintage that Williams Selyem purchased the grapes from the Calegari Vineyard. For many years these grapes were the anchor of the acclaimed Eastside Road Neighbors bottling. After working with the grapes for several vintages, in 2011 the Calegari Vineyard designate was launched. A signature of bright red fruit and floral qualities, the Calegari Vineyard Pinot Noir exemplifies true Russian River Valley style. Recent grafting of some 777 clone to the heritage clones of Swan and Mt. Eden will only add to the complexity and depth to this exciting wine from Calegari Ranch.

In 2001 approximately 14 acres of Pinot Noir were planted to 115 and 777. The Calegaris continued to make wine off of their Zinfandel vines and in 2003 and 2004, won a silver and gold medal, respectively, at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair for their Zinfandel Port and of course, they were excited about the potential with the Pinot Noir.

Don and Patsy Calegari’s story starts in 1977 when they purchased a 40 acre parcel on Eastside Road in the heart of the Russian River Valley which would become the Calegari home site and future vineyard.

Since his childhood days, Don had fond memories of making wine and stomping grapes with his grandfather in the basement of his grandparent’s house. When Don and Patsy acquired the idyllic property, Don had the opportunity to continue his interest and love of making wine. In 1980, they planted two meager rows of Zinfandel to help fulfill that goal.

Making the wine in the horse barn since the early 80’s they were always excited and amazed with the results. They were enamored with the color and intensity of the Zinfandel that they were making.

Mike Lee from Kenwood at the time had visited the property and declared that it could be a great spot for Pinot Noir and helped Don and Patsy plan the vineyard. This gave them encouragement that their site truly had some potential outside of their homemade wine.

It took some time for Don and Patsy to find the right vineyard management group to plant the vineyard. Through a very arduous interview process to find the right fit, they came to work with Doug Lloyd and Chris Bowland, both vineyard managers for other Williams Selyem vineyards.

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