• Sean Adamowicz

    Lab Technician & Cellarworker Born and raised in Tucson Arizona, Sean split his summer breaks between his relative's homes outside of Toulouse, France and Warsaw, Poland. In the summer, during their family trips to Europe, his dad would buy wine by the barrel from local farmers for his research group. Sean's job before dinner was to siphon the wine into bottles for the table. Sean wanted to bring that piece of European culture home, and thus began his interest in working ... READ MORE »

  • Patrick Bernard

    Assistant Winemaker "Being a winemaker sounded like a pretty cool thing to do." Many have had this thought after a tasting trip to Sonoma County, but Patrick is one of the rare few to turn the dream into a career. Patrick started his journey at UC Davis in the Biological Sciences program, intending to graduate from medical school. All was going along pretty well until the day Patrick came to a big discovery―medicine wasn't what he really wanted to do. Fortunately, ... READ MORE »

  • Chris Bowland

    Vineyard Manager Pinot Noir disciples far and wide depend on Chris’ well-trained instincts in the vineyard. As steward of some of Sonoma and Russian River Valley’s most treasured grape growing acres, Chris deals with issues like pest and disease control and water conservation on a daily basis. Chris’ strength in the vineyards comes from an extensive background in both farming and agriculture, and an innate ability to draw from both philosophies as vineyard situations demand. He studied at Cal Poly San Luis ... READ MORE »

  • Mike Chesmore

    Facilities Manager Most of his adult life, Mike has had a knack for fixing and keeping machinery running at its peak, which makes him the perfect choice for our winery facilities manager, a position that requires vast knowledge of equipment and a MacGyver-ish ability to fix machinery in the heat of harvest. Mike came to Williams Selyem after eight years with Gallo Family vineyards. His favorite wine region is Sonoma, and his last memorable bottle of wine was a 1998 Williams Selyem ... READ MORE »

  • Jana Churich

    Marketing & Events Manager Jana always felt that in order to be successful at what you are doing you have to love what you are doing. On a trip to Costa Rica she realized that people who work where other people vacation really had it made. Putting two and two together she broke into the Napa/Sonoma County wine industry and hasn’t looked back since. She brings an infectious energy to her event planning, taking every step to execute a seamless experience. Her ... READ MORE »

  • John and Kathe Dyson

    Proprietors John and Kathe Dyson purchased Williams Selyem Winery in 1998 from its founders, Burt Williams and Ed Selyem. The Dysons were hand picked as the buyers because Burt and Ed wanted someone already in the wine business and someone who had been on their customer list. As customer number 2080, John and Kathe had been on the list for years and, with Millbrook Winery in New York, as well as vineyards in the Central Coast of California, the Dysons were ... READ MORE »

  • Jessica Gilbert

    Controller Before she joined the team, Jessica already had an intimate knowledge of Williams Selyem ―she was part of a public accounting firm in Santa Rosa responsible for auditing our yearly financial statements. The financials must have been just as good as the wine, because Jessica jumped at the chance to join us in 2008. Jessica loves Pinot because it keeps her employed (insert smiley face) but she also feels like it’s impossible not to fall in love with a bottle ... READ MORE »

  • Jessica Gilmore

    Enologist In middle school, Jessica signed up for a science experiment to investigate the fermentation rates of fruit juices in a refrigerated space: that space turned out to be the family refrigerator. To complete her analysis, she was connected with a winery a few miles down the road from her house—Bernadus Winery in Carmel Valley. As the experiment went on for several months, Jessica shadowed the winemaker, getting to understand the ins and outs of testing alcohol and brix, and learning ... READ MORE »

  • Eric Grams

    CFO Eric grew up in the Central Valley in Stockton, went to college at Cal, and follows Bears football closely (some say too closely). Eric remains a loyal Bear fan despite their lack of success.  Every year arrives with new hope, and he and his friends believe that New Year’s Day is in fact in September, on the opening day of the football season. Eric came into the wine industry via his background in manufacturing. The way he sees it, turning grapes ... READ MORE »

  • Kim Herculson

    Member Relations Specialist Kim’s interest in the wine industry began during her college years at UC Davis where she received her undergraduate degree in Food Biochemistry. After graduation, she moved to the Bay Area and worked for Pepsi Cola in laboratory product testing, and managed the Quality Control department.  She then moved to Laguna Hills with plans to change direction to Product Development for Taco Bell, then she settled in San Diego and started a family. She moved to Sonoma County in 2003, ... READ MORE »

  • Scott Herrmann

     Hospitality Manager Scott grew up in Napa Valley and visited his first winery at age six, where he attempted to fish at Jake Lake – the prized Chinese Koi pond at the Chateau Montelena winery. His first real experience tasting wine didn't happen until he visited an Olive Garden in Los Angeles. The server allowed a handful of complimentary tastes, and he kept a wine guide in his wallet and checked off each new wine he tasted. It wasn't until he met Richard Betts in Aspen, ... READ MORE »

  • Kammie Hilleary

    Warehouse Manager The wine bug bit Kammie while she was living in Alaska, of all places. Being an independent type, she had decided to bypass college, opting to take on warehouse and inventory tasks in Alaska’s oil fields. In her free time, she dabbled in the craft of making blueberry wine. After tasting a bottle of 1992 Williams Selyem Rochioli Pinot Noir, Kammie decided to leave the world of crude oil production behind to discover why the wines of Russian River ... READ MORE »

  • Jesse Hummel

    Tasting Salon Host Jesse is a California native who spent his early childhood in Los Angeles and moved to Northern California at the age of 14. His Father has worked on the production side of the wine business for over 30 years and his grandfather was a lifetime food and hospitality professional. Jesse began his career in the micro-brewery industry, working under Master Brewer Don Barkley at the venerable Mendocino Brewing Company and at Ukiah Brewing Company, the second certified organic ... READ MORE »

  • Jessica Koehnen

    Assistant Director of Marketing You could say that for Jessica, the wine industry has always been at arm’s length. She grew up in Lodi, a mecca for fans of old vine Zinfandel. After graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, a college renowned for its agricultural programs, Jessica spent a few years living in different parts of the world before settling down in the North Bay in 2008. After four years with HALL Wines in St. Helena, she joined us here ... READ MORE »

  • G.W. Lussier

    Cellarworker Living in the Napa Valley since he was six months old, harvest seemed a normal everyday experience for G.W. Lussier while growing up. From a very young age, G.W. participated in crushes at family friends’ wineries. In high school, G.W. always thought he would pursue a career in the culinary arts, working most of his summers in kitchens. During his junior year at St. Helena High School, the September 11th attacks happened and he chose to enter the military. G.W. attended ... READ MORE »

  • Mark Malpiede

    Vice President of Sales and Marketing Long before Mark joined Williams Selyem, he was an avid fan and dedicated List member. In fact, when the chance to work at Williams Selyem arose, his main purpose in interviewing was to see if he could increase his allocation. Joining us in 2006, Mark now gets to tell the Williams Selyem story far and wide, manages the allocations (now you know who to call!), customer communication, and all wine sales. Since he manages The List, ... READ MORE »

  • Jeff Mangahas

    Director of Winemaking On most wine tasting trips with friends, conversation tends to center on the beautiful surroundings, the aromas in the glass, and where is everyone having their next amazing meal. When Jeff started wine tasting back in his 20’s, the question that kept popping into his head was “why does this wine taste the way it does?” It would be this burning curiosity about what happens before wine enters the bottle that would lead Jeff to leave a career as ... READ MORE »

  • Sari Meline

    Assistant Hospitality Manager Sari was born and raised in Sonoma County, but it wasn’t until she moved to Utah that she realized how much she had taken her upbringing in wine country for granted.  Armed only with the mass-produced wines in an import-restrictive state, she began looking forward to visiting home so she could stash the good stuff in her suitcase on the way back. While in Utah, Sari began a career in high-star and luxury spa hospitality. She was part of ... READ MORE »

  • Nick Miller

    Sales & Finance Coordinator Nick was raised in Sonoma County and has over 13 years of experience working for wineries in both Sonoma and Napa County. He has performed a multitude of tasks and held various positions over the past decade, including: Retail Sales, Shipping and Receiving Manager, Northern California Sales Coordinator, and now Sales & Finance Coordinator here at Williams Seylem. Nick’s first experience with wine came at the age of 13, while helping his father in the vineyards and making wine on their family’s ... READ MORE »

  • Kelly O’Brien

    Office Manager Kelly's career in the wine industry started out on the right foot at the well-respected Chalk Hill Winery, so it’s no surprise she feels right at home with the handcrafted approach we take here at Williams Selyem. It also happens that Kelly, or "K-O.B.", as she's known in more intimate circles, has a fondness for the food-friendly characteristics of Pinot Noir. Kelly likes to keep the pairing of food and wine simple, preferring wine and cheese as her favorite combination. ... READ MORE »

  • Orrin Oles

    Cellarmaster It all started with a handful of grapes.  While working in food and beverage management, Orrin became a list member at T-Vine Cellars and visited the winery to pick up an allocation.  At the time, the Assistant Winemaker was punching down a few of the caps on some smaller fermenters and Orrin asked if he could literally lend a hand, and from then on he was hooked. Orrin traded in his previous roles as a Food & Beverage Manager at Mount ... READ MORE »

  • Jeni Wright

    Estate Concierge After graduating from Western Michigan University in 2003, Jeni spent the summer working at a high end restaurant in her home town of Birmingham, MI, saving money to move west to sunny California.  It’s at that restaurant where she was first introduced to some exceptional wines and her love of entertaining friends, family and guests began.  After living by the beach in Southern California for 6 years, Jeni and her husband left their corporate jobs behind and moved north ... READ MORE »

  • Merle, Ellie, Dip and friends — the Boer Goats of Williams Selyem

    Know as the Labradors of the goat world for their friendly disposition, our small herd of Boer Goats keeps the vineyards free from invasive plant species like poison oak and blackberry bushes. It’s as if nature has provided us with the perfect lawnmowers. Boer goats will eat practically any plant matter you put in front of them. Their name is derived from the Dutch word "boer", meaning farmer, and their bloodlines can be traced back to indigenous tribes of the ... READ MORE »