Foss Vineyard

Grape Stats

Pinot Noir

Pommard, Swan, 667, Mt. Eden


Vineyard Stats

Number of acres:

1-3, 8-9: N; 4-7: NE

Rolling Hills

100 feet

Soil type:
Clay loam

Bi-lateral cordon and cane


Cover crop:
Barley, tricale

Owners: Bill & Beck Foss

The Vineyard sits above Eastside Road in the Middle Reach region of the Russian River Valley. Originally homesteaded by a local veterinarian, the site was a farm for hops, Herefords and a particular breed of Sicilian miniature donkeys. Now, planted to an exciting array of heritage clones, the Foss Vineyard is a stellar addition to the line-up of Williams Selyem Vineyard Designates.

Vineyard History

As a young adult growing up in the Los Gatos area, great influences have always been around Bill that would eventually shape his vision and passion for wine and Pinot Noir. Access to wineries and vineyards in the Santa Cruz Mountains, such as Mt. Eden Vineyards, left an indelible impression as to the uniqueness and expressiveness of Pinot Noir.

In was not until 1992 that Bill had a religious moment and knew that he wanted to grow grapes and delve into the wine world. In 1992 on a trip to Paris, Bill and a business associate went to the restaurant at the Ritz and compared and contrasted a Domaine Romanee-Conti La Tache and an Echezeaux. They were both enamored with the elegance and purity of the wines as well as the sense of place that each wine could convey. Bill was hooked and he knew that he wanted to dive in head first into growing and making premium Pinot Noir.

From that point, Bill spent time learning about wine and viticulture through his friend Tim Olson while making garage wine. Tim was an ardent fan of Williams Selyem and introduced Bill to the unique and expressive Pinot Noirs of Burt and Ed.

After nearly 15 years of searching for a suitable site in the Russian River Valley to pursue his passion, Bill purchased the future site of the Foss Vineyard in 2005. Shortly thereafter, Bill became friends with Chris Bowland and Doug Lloyd who were the cornerstones for the development of the ranch and the first vines were planted in 2007.

Today, Bill and Becky are thrilled with the Ranch and all of their efforts and are excited to be working with Chris and Williams Selyem. Bill comments that “find great people to work with and great things will happen.” Initially, being a component of the Eastside Road Neighbors, 2011 marks the first vintage for the Foss Vineyard designate. Planted to Pommard, Swan, Mt. Eden, and 667 clones, together they offer a rich and complex palate to draw from in blending the Foss Vineyard designate. With a fine, clay loam soil type and a temperate microclimate, this site is extremely well drained and therefore an excellent site for world-class Pinot Noir.

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