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Founded in the Russian River Valley, Williams Selyem has been making distinctive Pinot Noirs from this area since 1981. While our production has expanded to include nearby appellations and small offerings of Chardonnay and Zinfandel as well, these wines and our flagship Pinot Noirs are still extremely limited in production and are sold only to members of the WS List.

While you may see a Williams Selyem wine available on a restaurant wine list or a high-end retail store, our wines are never commercially available for lower than their original release price. That’s because we adhere to a one-price commitment for all WS List customers, retailers and individuals alike.

Because production is so limited, wines are sold through allocations on a first-come, first-served basis. Twice each year during the offering periods, members receive a newsletter and order form with a specific allocation. The allocation is not reserved or guaranteed, so early orders are encouraged. During the first few years on the WS List, allocations are limited. However, consistent purchasing patterns over time lead to increased quantities and selections in the allocation.

To join the Williams Selyem waiting list, please click here and complete the information requested. The current wait period is 5 to 9 months. We will keep in touch via email during that time, and will notify you by mail when you have been added to the WS List. Shortly afterward you will receive your first offering of Williams Selyem wines available for purchase.

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At Williams Selyem we promise not to sell, give, lend or otherwise distribute your personal information to any other company or association that is not part of the processing or shipping of your wine order.