Grower’s Vineyards

  • Allen Vineyard

    Owners: Howard and Ann Allen Howard and Ann Allen grow both Pinot Noir and Chardonnay for Williams Selyem.  The Pinot Noir vineyard is divided into three areas: North Hill, South Hill and West Hill, while the Chardonnay vineyard is broken into four different blocks sensibly named Blocks 1, 2, 3 and 4. Howard Allen was a fourth generation Californian and a UC Berkeley alumnus. He spent four years in the Pacific, in both Iwo Jima and Okinawa. After his military service, Howard ... READ MORE »

  • Bacigalupi Vineyard

    Owners: Charles and Helen Bacigalupi Charles and Helen Bacigalupi grow both Zinfandel and Pinot Noir for Williams Selyem in three separate areas of their vineyards. The Zinfandel comes from a block known as Frost 3B while the Pinot Noir comes from the SE Block G#8. The Bacigalupis have been growing for Williams Selyem since 1999. Charles Bacigalupi’s family reached California from Italy in about 1872. While Charles was a dentist, his roots went deep into wine; both sets of grandparents had ... READ MORE »

  • Bucher Vineyard

    Owner: John Bucher John Bucher has been growing Pinot Noir for Williams Selyem since 1999. His vineyard is broken into three distinct areas: L Block, House Block and the Raspberry Block. Vineyard History The Bucher family has owned the land for the vineyard since 1958. John Bucher’s long-standing interest in viticulture and enology, coupled with his wish to diversify the family farming operation, made grapes the ideal crop. After much research, John planted vineyards. Born and raised on the family ranch in ... READ MORE »

  • Coastlands Vineyard

    Owner: David Cobb Coastlands Vineyard is home to some of Williams Selyem’s most prized grapes, yielding rich, seductive, ruby hues and luscious red fruit aromas. Located in Occidental near the Bodega Coast, this vineyard is nestled in the cool coastal climate that is ideal for growing Pinot Noir, and as such Williams Selyem Winery has been using Coastlands grapes since 1994. David Cobb became interested in growing his own grapes after delving into the art of home winemaking. For a  retired ... READ MORE »

  • Calegari Vineyard

    Owners: Patsy and Don Calegari 2008 marked the first vintage that Williams Selyem purchased the grapes from the Calegari Vineyard. For many years these grapes were the anchor of the acclaimed Eastside Road Neighbors bottling.  After working with the grapes for several vintages, in 2011 the Calegari Vineyard designate was launched. A signature of bright red fruit and floral qualities, the Calegari Vineyard Pinot Noir exemplifies true Russian River Valley style.  Recent grafting of some 777 clone to the heritage clones ... READ MORE »

  • Ferrington Vineyard

    Owner: Kurt Schoeneman Kurt Schoeneman has been growing Pinot Noir for Williams Selyem since 1997. Originally in the construction business, Kurt spends more and more time at his vineyard/ranch. He has a thriving vegetable garden that grows much of the produce he uses in his kitchen. He has studied cooking and likes to entertain guests with food and wine from his land. He keeps sheep, chickens, and turkeys on the ranch. Both hospitality and wine seem to run in his family.       Vineyard ... READ MORE »

  • Foss Vineyard

    Owners Bill & Beck Foss The Vineyard sits above Eastside Road in the Middle Reach region of the Russian River Valley.  Originally homesteaded by a local veterinarian, the site was a farm for hops, Herefords and a particular breed of Sicilian miniature donkeys.  Now, planted to an exciting array of heritage clones, the Foss Vineyard is a stellar addition to the line-up of Williams Selyem Vineyard Designates. Vineyard History As a young adult growing up in the Los Gatos area, great influences have ... READ MORE »

  • Heintz Vineyard

    Owner: Charles Heintz Following in the footsteps of his father, Charlie began farming Heintz Ranch in 1984. He continually strives to learn new techniques, keeping up with the latest tools and innovations.         Vineyard History This vineyard site has been in the Heintz family for over 100 years. Charlie's grandparents purchased the land in 1912. Over the several decades they grew a variety of crops. In the first years it was chickens, berries, cherries apples and other vegetables. In 1980, it was planted with ... READ MORE »

  • Hirsch Vineyard

    Owner: David Hirsch David Hirsch is a man of few words. He would much rather be out in the vineyard than talking about it. David has been growing Pinot Noir for Williams Selyem since 1994.       Vineyard History Hirsch began planting his vineyard in 1980. Originally he planted some Riesling. Then a mentor told him, “If you plant Pinot Noir here, you’ll be famous,” and helped him get cuttings of the best clones from Oregon. Most of his soils are uplifted seabed, gravelly loam ... READ MORE »

  • Morning Dew Ranch Vineyard

    Owner: Burt Williams Burt Williams began Williams Selyem winery in a garage in Forestville in 1981. He is considered one of the pioneers in California Pinot Noir and helped put Sonoma County on the winemaking map. His first career was as a pressman at the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper. In evenings and on weekends he would then craft some of the finest Pinot Noirs ever made. Over the years the awards and accolades piled up and Williams Selyem winery became synonymous ... READ MORE »

  • Olivet Lane Vineyard

    Owners: The Pellegrini Family The Pellegrini Family traces its heritage in winemaking to the early 1900s when brothers Nello and Gino Pellegrini arrived in New York City from their native Tuscany. They soon made their way to the West Coast and in 1925 became Sonoma County grape merchants, shipping grapes throughout the U.S. for home winemaking. Nello's son Vincent took over direction of the winery in the early 1950s, and expanded into wholesale distribution of imported and domestic wines and spirits. Robert Pellegrini ... READ MORE »

  • Papera Vineyard

    Owner: Stuart Coulson Vineyard History Papera Vineyard is an old-vine Zinfandel vineyard, located on the eastern side of the Laguna de Santa Rosa in the Russian River AVA, Sonoma County, California. The vineyard is named for Charley Papera, who planted the vines in 1934, the year after the 21st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified, repealing Prohibition. Most of Charley’s original planting remains in place today. The old vines are head trained and dry farmed to produce high quality harvests, resulting in ... READ MORE »

  • Precious Mountain Vineyard

    Owners: Donnie & Linden Schatzberg The Precious Mountain Vineyard produces some of Williams Selyem's most precious grapes. The vineyard is named after the owners, whose German last name of Schatzberg may be translated as precious mountain. Their high ridge top vineyard is just that. The Schatzbergs have been growing Pinot Noir for Williams Selyem since 1996. Donnie Schatzberg graduated from the State University of New York at New Paltz in 1967. He learned farming techniques while in India with the Peace Corps and ... READ MORE »

  • Rochioli Riverblock Vineyard

    Owner: Joe Rochioli Growing grapes for Williams Selyem since 1980, Rochioli grapes are an integral part of the winery’s history. Williams Selyem purchased grapes from two areas of the Rochioli vineyards: New Riverblock and the celebrated Riverblock. Joe Rochioli is a grape grower by profession and comes from a farming family. His dad was an Italian immigrant, and his mother was born just down the road at Wohler Ranch. The family was growing grapes before Joe was born, along with hops, ... READ MORE »

  • Terra de Promissio Vineyard

    Owners: Charles & Diana Karren Charles and Diana Karren are both very passionate about growing grapes.  It has been their dream to plant, manage and raise a family on the vineyard.  Their story together began in 1998 when they met on the Caspian Sea. After a year of dating, Charles proposed to Diana in 1999 at the Temple of Bacchus in Baalbek, Lebanon.  She said, 'yes'! Afterward, Charles and Diana celebrated at the famed Chateau Kefraya in the Bekaa Valley. Upon returning ... READ MORE »

  • Weir Vineyard

    Owners: Bill and Suki Weir Bill and Suki Weir are not the typical grape growers. Bill has been practicing law, from civil to real estate and commercial law, in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 30 years and Susan is a corporate executive for a pharmaceutical company. But you do not have to be a fifth generation grape grower to want to be one. It seems that a deep passion for wine and an unquenchable thirst for grape knowledge is what ... READ MORE »